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Docmenta V1.9.3 Download

Binary Distribution:

Docmenta is distributed as standalone war file or as ZIP archive bundled with Apache Tomcat. Additionally, for MS Windows operating systems, an executable installer package is available.

Click the links in the table below, to download the appropriate package. All installation packages are hosted on The packages can also be downloaded from Please read the release notes before installing any of the packages.

By downloading one of the packages below you confirm that you have read and accepted the license agreement.

Package Download Link
Docmenta V1.9.3 war Package
  • Download this package, if you have a Servlet Container up and running (i.e. you just need to deploy the war file).
  • The package is platform independent.

Size: 55 395 113 Bytes
MD5: 665ad14e2126b75661a4b742071c65e1

Docmenta V1.9.3 + Tomcat V7.0.82 Bundle
  • This package contains Tomcat with the Docmenta war file already deployed.
  • The package is platform independent.
  • The Java Runtime Environment 6.0 or later must be installed on your server system.

Size: 65 374 029 Bytes
MD5: d2888084ac1e5b46b62ec26c1b036038

Docmenta V1.9.3 + Tomcat V7.0.82 Windows Installer
  • This package installs Apache Tomcat with the Docmenta war file already deployed.
  • Creates start menu entries for starting and stopping the Tomcat server.
  • The installer can automatically download and install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • This package works only for MS Windows operating systems (32/64-bit).
32-bit Windows:

Size: 63 601 811 Bytes
MD5: 553e24afeae55a80c9ee83b00961cf8c

64-bit Windows:

Size: 63 942 899 Bytes
MD5: 84915605fff086e9f822b9f17089f7f8

See the installation instructions in the User Manual for information on how to install these packages.

Docmenta can be extended by plug-ins. See the Plug-in Page for a list of currently available plug-ins.

Note: For exporting large publications it may be necessary to increase the maximum Java heap size of your web-server installation (i.e. if the server logs list out-of-memory errors and exports fail).
Please consult the documentation provided with your web-server for details.

The Apache Tomcat that is contained in the Docmenta installation bundle is already configured with a maximum heap size of 1024 MB. This should be sufficient in most cases.
Be aware to not configure a maximum heap size larger than the total RAM installed in your server.

Source-Code Distribution:

The source code is hosted on GitHub:

Old Releases:

See the archive for old releases of Docmenta.

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