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Release Notes Docmenta V1.9.0 (Release date: 15.05.2017)

Docmenta 1.9 is released as Open-Source and provided on an "AS IS" basis without commercial support. Please read the license agreement and the following notes before installing Docmenta.

Installation and Upgrade notes

To create a new installation of Docmenta, proceed as described in the 'Installation' section of the documentation.

If you have an existing installation of Docmenta and you want to upgrade to Docmenta 1.9, then proceed as described in the 'Upgrading' section of the documentation.

New functionality and enhancements

  • Added "Consistency Check" menu item.

  • Added "Content Rules" administration tab, to allow configuration of HTML rules.

    An HTML rule can provide one or more consistency checks and optionally provide auto-correction functionality. Auto-correction can be executed as part of a consistency check or when content is saved in the editor.
  • Improved Plug-in API to allow
    • Extensions of the Docmenta UI
    • Implementation of custom checks (Rule plug-ins)
    • Implementation of custom content editors/viewers
    • Stylesheet customizations
    See the Plug-in Developer Guide for details.
  • Added "Copy Style" button.

  • Added possibility to create landscape tables in PDF output, by setting the table class to landscape_table. See the User Manual and XHTML Reference for a description of the table's "class" attribute.
  • New "Ace Text Highlighting" plug-in that provides syntax highlighting for Docmenta's internal text editor.

    See the Plug-in Page for the list of available plug-ins.

Bug-fixes / Maintenance

  • Improved PDF output.
  • Fixed rowspan and colspan bug.
  • Fixed issue with nested tables.
  • Improved "Referencing This" search.
  • Fixed issue with concurrent exports.
  • Fixed AutoFormat issue when using multiple class values.
  • Updated documentation. Added XHTML Reference and Plug-in Developer Guide.
  • Many other small improvements.


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