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Release Notes Docmenta V1.4.0 (Release date: 18.05.2013)

Docmenta 1.4 Community Edition is provided on an "AS IS" basis without commercial support. Please read the license agreement and the following notes before installing Docmenta.

Installation and Upgrade notes

To create a new installation of Docmenta, proceed as described in the 'Installation' section of the documentation.

If you have an existing installation of Docmenta and you want to upgrade to Docmenta 1.4, then proceed as described in the 'Upgrading' section of the documentation.

New functionality and enhancements

  • Added possibility to include custom head tags in HTML publications:

    See the section 'Output configuration' in the reference manual.
  • Added possibility to filter style list by variant.
  • Added context menu to lists.
  • Several minor user interface improvements.
  • Added possibility to install plug-ins.
  • Old TinyMCE editor version 3.4.9 is no longer contained in the Docmenta installation package. It can now be downloaded and installed as plug-in.
  • Improved possibility to customize the "Contents" and "Search" tab font-styles in the web-help configuration file "positioning.css" (click image to enlarge):

  • Added possibibility to customize the image "showHideTreeIcons.png" for web-help output. Add/replace the image with name "showHideTreeIcons.png" in the web-help configuration folder:

  • Changed default web-help design (affects only newly created prodcuts).
  • Documentation updated (tutorial and reference manual).


  • Fixed login redirect in case of non-existing document-store directory.
  • Fixed thread safety issue.
  • Fixed handling of files within sections.
  • Fixed access right checking of text-files.
  • Fixed file closing issue after import.


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