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Release Notes Docmenta V1.5.0 (Release date: 24.08.2013)

Docmenta 1.5 Community Edition is released as Open-Source and provided on an "AS IS" basis without commercial support. Please read the license agreement and the following notes before installing Docmenta.

Installation and Upgrade notes

To create a new installation of Docmenta, proceed as described in the 'Installation' section of the documentation.

If you have an existing installation of Docmenta and you want to upgrade to Docmenta 1.5, then proceed as described in the 'Upgrading' section of the documentation.

New functionality and enhancements

  • Improved customization of Web-Help output. See the section 'Customizing Web-Help output' in the tutorial for more information. See also the Web-Help example designs available for download.
  • Changed rendering of book parts as tabs in Web-Help output.
  • Added possibility to inlcude referenced files for PDF export. See the 'Export referenced files' setting described in the section 'PDF output settings' in the reference manual.
  • Added pre-defined styles 'author', 'breadcrumb_node', 'breadcrumbs', 'float_left' and 'float_right'. See the section 'Pre-defined styles' in the reference manual for a description of these styles.
  • Added possibility to automatically extract uploaded zip-files into the upload-folder.
  • Added user interface theme support. Currently two themes are available:

  • Added table-caption preview.
  • Improved breadcrumbs output.
  • Several minor user interface improvements.
  • GUI framework upgraded to ZK EE 6.0.5.
  • Documentation updated (tutorial and reference manual).


  • Fixed image class setting for HTML output.
  • Fixed setting of image alignment to left-/right-aligned for HTML output.
  • Fixed setting of table alignment for HTML output.
  • Improved preview of image caption.
  • Fixed missing left-/right-aligned figures in PDF output.
  • Fixed breadcrumbs setting in the HTML-output configuration.
  • Fixed export error when using custom title page for HTML output.
  • Enabled paging-mode for character entities list due to browser performance-issue.
  • Added expires header field to index.html of Web-Help output.
  • Fixed table caption editing in MS Internet Explorer.
  • Several improvements and bug-fixes for Web-Help output.
  • Fixed deletion of preface/appendix in publication configuration dialog.
  • Fixed popup-window issue in Chrome browser.
  • Fixed page-break issue for content-nodes with assigned alias name (PDF output).
  • Minor modifications to TinyMCE editor version 3.5.8. The modified version is identified by the new version-number 3.5.8.b.

Some more bugs may be fixed due to the upgrade of the GUI framework.


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