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Open Source Development

The development of Docmenta started in 2011 driven by the experience with existing documentation systems. The goal was to have an easy to use but flexible single source publishing system, putting together available Open Source components such as Apache FOP and TinyMCE.

Though in 2013 the source code has been released as Open Source, still many steps need to be achieved to hand over the software to the Open Source community. The most important steps which will be focused on in 2016 are:

  • Improve/create source code documentation.
  • Move to a public available version control system (e.g. GitHub).
  • Improve plug-in interface.

If you think about sponsoring the project or have ideas for partnership or improvement of the software, please get in contact. Furthermore you can support / speed-up the implementation of functionality by donating!

Release Roadmap

Following new functionalities are planned for the upcoming releases of Docmenta:

  • Version 1.x
    Open Source Edition:
    • Add content-editor/viewer plug-in interface
    • Support splitting/merging of content nodes
    • Upgrade content editor
    Commercial Plug-ins:
    • LDAP support for user authentication/authorization
    • Batch export of publication sets
  • Version 2.0:
    Open Source Edition:
    • Custom node types
    • Additional output formats
    • Extend Plug-in API
    • Add Open Source SVG editor as plug-in component
    • Improve Image gallery and file-folder view
    • Improve CSS editor
    • Remove Docmenta-adaptions of DocBook stylesheets

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