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An access right defines, which functions are allowed to be executed by a user on a specifc product. If you have selected a group from the user groups list, then the second list will show all access rights assigned to this group.
To edit the access rights assigned to the selected group, click the "Edit" button next to the access rights list. Alternatively you can double-click an access right in the list.

Figure 2.7.26. Edit access rights of selected group

This will open the access rights editor:

Figure 2.7.27. Access rights dialog

The access rights editor contains a list of all existing products. To define the functions allowed to be executed on a specific product, select the product from the list. With the checkboxes next to the list, roles can be enabled or disabled for the selected product.
Following roles exist, where each role represents a group of related functions:
View content Allows viewing the content in the "Content" workspace. If you supply only this role for a product, then users will have read-only access to the product content. If this role is not provided, then the "Content" workspace will not be visible for this product.
Edit content Allows editing the original content of the product. When this role is provided, then also the role "View content" should be provided, because otherwise a user cannot edit the content because he is not allowed to view it. 
Translate content Allows translating the content nodes of the product. Editing the original content is not included within this function group (you also have to assign the role "Edit content", to allow editing of the original content).
Edit styles Allows editing of the inline- and block-styles in the "Styles" workspace.
Manage versions Allows to create, edit and delete product versions. If this role is not assigned, then the "Versioning" workspace will not be visible for this product.
Allows the configuration of the publications, and output settings. Furthermore users with this role are allowed create publication exports. Mainly this role allows execution of all functionality provided in the "Publishing" workspace. If this role is not assigned, then the "Publishing" workspace will not be visible for this product.
Administration Allows execution of the functionality provided in the "Administration" workspace, i.e. managing of products, users, user groups, character entities and application settings.
If the box beside the role is checked, then this role is enabled for to the currently selected product. If the box is unchecked then the role disabled. Change the settings for each of the products as required. If you want to enable a role generally for all products (even products that will be created in the future), then select the entry "ALL" in the product list and check/uncheck the roles. Save the changes and close the access rights editor by clicking "Okay". 
After you have closed the access rights editor, the access rights lists is updated to show all enabled roles for each product. If you have enabled roles for all products, then these roles will be shown as a separate entry with a * character in the product column.