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icon_anchor Anchor
An anchor element allows to attach a unique identifier (alias name) to a selected text position. This way it is possible to create an internal link that references a text position within a content node. Perform following steps to create an anchor element: 
  1. Select the text that shall be referenced by an internal link.
  2. Click the "Anchor" icon_anchor button. This opens the following dialog:

Figure 2.3.69. Anchor dialog

  1. Enter the alias name (i.e. an unique identifier) for the anchor in the "ID" field of the dialog.
  2. Optionally enter a descriptive text in the "Title" field. This title will be used as the link text of all links that reference this anchor and which have set the "Use target title" option (see Insert/edit link). If the "Title" field is left empty, then the text enclosed by the anchor element will be used as title instead.
  3. Close the dialog by clicking the "Insert" button. The selected text will then be enclosed by an anchor element.
See Insert/edit link for information on how to create an internal link which references an element (e.g. an anchor) by its alias name.