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2.7.7. Auto-Format class registration

The Auto-Format API allows a Java programmer to implement any kind of content transformation and assign it to a Docmenta style. An Auto-Format transformation, is a Java class that implements the AutoFormat interface. For details on the Auto-Format API see the Auto-Format API JavaDoc documentation.
To register a Java class that implements the AutoFormat interface, switch to the "Auto-Format" tab of the "Administration" workspace:

Figure 2.7.35. Auto-Format registration panel

Click the "Add" button next to the list, to register a Java class. Note that the Java class has to be available in the Java classpath of the web-server. For example, if you have put the Java class in a jar file, place the jar file in the web-server's library folder, before registering the class in Docmenta.
In the opened dialog, enter the Java class name and click "Okay" to register the class:

Figure 2.7.36. Auto-Format class registration

If the registration was successful, a short description of the Auto-Format class is shown in the "Info" column of the Auto-Format list. Otherwise the "Info" column will show an error message in red color. When you select a class from the list , the panel below the list shows help on how to use the Auto-Format class:

Figure 2.7.37. Auto-Format class help

After an Auto-Format class has been successfully registered, the class can be assigned to a Docmenta style, as described in Section 2.4.3, “Creating a user-defined style”.