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Docmenta has a compare-function which highlights the changes between two versions/revisions of a content- or section-node. Furthermore it is possible to restore an old revision of a content-node. To use this function, open the context menu and choose the menu item "Revision History".
This opens the following revision history window:

Figure 2.3.26. Comparing two revisions/versions of a node

In the head-panel of the window, choose the version which you want to compare from the "Revisions" listbox . By default this is the currently opened version. Select the version or revision you want to compare with from the "Compare with" listbox . After a version or revision has been selected from both listboxes, the result of the comparison is shown in the area below the head-panel.
In the example shown in the screenshot above, the text "This is some new content." is highlighted with green background-color. Green color means that the content was added. Removed content is highlighted with red background-color and striked-through text. Changed content is highlighted with blue background-color.
For content-nodes it is possible to restore an old revision of the node (i.e. undo the latest modifications). If you have selected a content-node, then a "Restore" button is available next to the "Revision" listbox. To restore an old revision, select the revision from the "Revision" listbox and click the "Restore" button.
If images within the content shall not be shown, then uncheck the "Show Images" box. To print the selected revision (including the change marks), click the "Print" button. To close the revision history window, click the "Close" button.