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2.7.4. Defining character entities

You can define which characters shall be encoded as character entities when content is edited in the content editor. Furthermore the defined character entities will be selectable from a pick-list in the content editor (see Section, “Character entities”).
Note: The character entity configuration is a global application setting, i.e. it affects all products within one Docmenta server installation.  
To define the character entities switch to the "Entities" tab of the "Administration" workspace. A list of all currently defined character entities will be shown:

Figure 2.7.29. Character entities panel

To add a new character to the end of the list, click the "Insert Entity" button. To insert a character entity at a specific list position, select the position within the list and then click the "Insert Entity" button. This will open the character entity dialog:

Figure 2.7.30. Character entity dialog

Insert the numeric entity code (e.g. §), the symbolic entity code (e.g. §) a character description and select whether the character shall appear in the custom character pick-list of the content editor. Click "Okay" to add the character entity definition to the list.
To edit or delete a character entity definition, select the character from the list and click the "Edit Entity" or "Delete Entity" button respectively.
To move one or more character entities to another list position, select the character entities from the list, click the "Cut" button, select the list position where the selected character entities shall be inserted and then click the "Paste" button.