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To start a consistency check on a selected node or section, choose Extra > Consistency Check from the context menu:

Figure 2.3.30. Consistency Check

In the following dialog, the available checks can be enabled or diabled by checking or unchecking the checkbox in front of each check:

Figure 2.3.31. Consistency check dialog

To start the consistency check click "Start".
Some checks may support auto-correction. These checks are marked with the hint "Auto-correct" in round brackets after the check identifier. A check that supports auto-correction may be able to fix inconsistent content, so that no warning/error is generated. If at least one check supports auto-correction, then auto-correction can be enabled by checking the "Allow Auto-Correct" checkbox. On the other side, if the "Allow Auto-Correct" checkbox is unchecked, then inconsistent content is only logged but not updated, even if one or more checks support auto-correction.
Note that auto-correction is not available, if the product version is in "released" state or the user has no editing rights.