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2.3.7. Toolbar

The toolbar of the "Content" workspace contains following controls:

Figure 2.3.38. The content workspace toolbar

Following a description of each control:
"PDF preview" button
Opens a new window showing a PDF preview of the currently selected node.
"Back" button backward
When you have previewed several nodes within the current session, then clicking the "Back" button will jump back in the preview history, i.e. the previously previewed node will be loaded again into the preview area.
"Forward" button forward
Click the "Forward" button to jump forward in the preview history.
"Reload" button refresh
Reload the node which is currently displayed in the preview area.
"Preview Format" selection screen_preview_format_list
Select the format used to preview section- and content-nodes. Available formats are "HTML" and "PDF". The default preview format is "HTML". If you want to preview PDF, a PDF-reader plugin has to be installed in the web-browser.
"Preview Publication" selection screen_preview_pub_list
Select the publication that shall be previewed. The selected publication defines which section-node within the product-tree is the root of the publication. The root of the publication will be indicated by a section-icon containing a yellow star (pub_icon). If you preview the root of the publication, then the preview will also include the table of contents and the index section (if the automatic generation of these sections is enabled in the selected output-configuration).
See Section 2.6.1, “Publication configuration” for more information on the configuration of publications.
"Preview Output-Configuration" selection screen_preview_out_list
Select the output-configuration that shall be used for the preview of section- and content-nodes. If "HTML" is selected as preview format, then only "HTML" output-configurations are selectable. If "PDF" is selected as preview format, then only "PDF" output-configurations are selectable. 
See Section 2.6.2, “Output configuration” for more information on creating output-configurations.
"Toolbar menu"
The toolbar menu provides access to global content functions:

Figure 2.3.39. Toolbar menu items

Following a description of each menu item:
"Show index terms"
If this menu item is checked, then all index terms contained in content-nodes will be visible in the HTML preview. Otherwise the index terms are hidden in the preview (but will still be visible in the content-editor). See "Creating index entries" in the tutorial for more information on index terms.
"Find by Alias"
Select this menu item to search a node with a given alias name. This will open the following dialog:

Figure 2.3.40. Find nodes by alias

Enter the alias name in the input field and then click the "Search" button. The node will be searched within the complete product-tree, including the "Media", "Files" and "System" folder. The search result will be shown in the list below the input field. Double-click a node within the result list to show the node in the preview-area of the workspace.
To find nodes whose alias names start with a given prefix, enter the prefix followed by the wildcard * in the input field. For example, enter the search term "intro*", to find all nodes whose alias names start with "intro" (see screenshot above).
"Clear Cut-List"
Select this menu item to undo a previous "Cut" operation (see Section, “Cut, copy, paste and delete”).
"Tile horizontal"
Select this menu item to tile the product-tree and preview-area horizontally as shown in the following screenshot:

Figure 2.3.41. Tile preview area horizontally

"Tile vertical"
Select this menu item to tile the product-tree and preview-area vertically as shown in the following screenshot:

Figure 2.3.42. Tile preview area vertically