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Chapter 2.3. Content workspace

In the content workspace the user can view and edit the contents of the currently opened product version (see Chapter 2.2, Main window for information on how to open a product version).
The content workspace consists of callout_1 the product-tree, the callout_2 preview-area and callout_3 the toolbar:

Figure 2.3.1. Content workspace areas

The product-tree shows the hierarchical structure of the complete product documentation (chapter, sub-chapter, section and so on). Furthermore, the product-tree contains the complete content of the opened product version as well as any required supplementary files (e.g. images, data files, etc.). See Section 2.3.1, “Product-tree” for more information on how to create the product documentation.
When a user selects a node within the product-tree, then a preview of the selected node is shown in the preview-area. When a section- or content-node is selected, then the preview can be rendered with different format-, publication- and output-configurations. The configuration settings of the preview can be selected in the toolbar. See Section 2.3.7, “Toolbar” for a detailed description of the toolbar.
The user can change the size of the preview-area and product-tree by dragging and dropping the border which separates the two areas. By clicking the arrow at the middle of the border, the preview-area can be increased to the maximum size.