loading table of contents... Creating an output configuration

Sometimes it is required to export publications with different settings for the same output format. To not have to change the settings before every export, you can add additional output configurations to the list. For example, if you want to export a publication as single HTML file as well as create an export where each chapter is contained in a separate file, you could create two configurations named "html_single" and "html_multiple" with the appropriate settings. In the export dialog (see Section 2.6.3, “Publication export”) you can then select either "html_single" or "html_multiple" as the output configuration to be used.
To create a new output configuration, click the "New" button next to the "Output Configurations" list.

Figure 2.6.16. Creating a new output configuration

This will open a dialog that allows you to edit the settings for the configuration to be created. See Section, “Editing an output configuration” for details on the available output configuration settings.