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2.5.2. Creating a new version

A new product version can only be derived from a released version. Therefore, as long as no version was released, no new version can be created.
Proceed as follows to derive a new product version:
  1. Switch to the "Versioning" workspace. Optionally, select in the version list the released version from which you want to derive a new version.
  2. Click the button "Create Version". The following dialog will be opened:

Figure 2.5.2. Dialog for creating a new product version

  1. Enter the new version-ID for the derived version. The version-ID has to be higher than the version-ID from which the new version will be derived from.
  2. Select one of the released product versions from the "Derived from" list. The version which was selected in step 1 will be selected by default.
  3. Click the "Okay" button to derive the new product version. This will create a product version with the entered version-ID which is an exact copy of the version which was selected in the "Derived from" list (except that the created version is in state "Draft" instead of "Released").
Note: A new version cannot be created in translation mode. Switch to the original language to create a new product version. See Section 2.5.1, “Versioning concept” for details on the versioning of translations.