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Copying and moving nodes
The "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste" menu items can be used to move or copy nodes within the product-tree. Proceed as follows:
  1. Select one or more nodes to be moved or copied.
  2. Open the context menu for the selected nodes and choose "Cut" or "Copy". If you have choosen "Cut", then the selected nodes are added to the Cut-List. The nodes in the Cut-List are indicated by the striked-through text. In the following example, the nodes "My content" and "Sect A" have been added to the Cut-List:

Figure 2.3.20. Cutting nodes

  1. Select the target node, i.e. the node at the position where you want the nodes to be moved or copied to, and open the context menu for this node.
  2. You now have to call one of the paste operations to move or copy the nodes to the target position. Following paste options exist:
    1. If you want to add the nodes as sub-nodes of the target node, then choose the menu item "Paste > As Sub-Nodes". This operation is only possible if the target node is a section or folder.
Given the example above, if the operation "Paste > As Sub-Nodes" is executed on the node "Sect B", then the result is as follows:

Figure 2.3.21. Pasting nodes as sub-nodes

Accordingly, if "Copy" was called before, then the "Paste > As Sub-Nodes" operation does not move but copy the nodes.
    1. To insert the nodes contained before the target node (on the same tree-level), then choose the menu item "Paste > Insert before".
Given the example above, if the operation "Paste > Insert before" is executed on the node "My test sect", then the result is as follows:

Figure 2.3.22. Pasting nodes at selected position

Accordingly, if "Copy" was called before, then the "Paste > Insert before" operation does not move but copy the nodes.
Be aware that not all nodes can be moved or copied to all locations within the product-tree. For example, a content-node cannot be moved after a section-node on the same tree-level. Furthermore files can only be placed inside file-folders, but cannot be inserted as direct sub-nodes of sections (nevertheless, you could create a file-folder inside a section and place the files inside the file-folder).
You can undo the "Cut" operation (step 2 above), by choosing the function "Clear Cut-List" from the toolbar-menu (see Section 2.3.7, “Toolbar”).
An alias name or an ID always has to be unique within the complete product tree. Therefore, if you copy a node that has an alias name assigned or if elements within the content of the node have an ID assigned, then a sequence number is added to the alias name / ID of the inserted node-copy.
Deleting nodes
To remove one or more nodes from the product-tree, select the nodes, choose "Delete" from the context menu and confirm the deletion in the opened dialog. This will completely delete the node and its content. Be aware that it is not possible to undo a deletion.
Tipp: If you are not sure whether a node to be removed, might have to be reintroduced in the future, create a "garbage" file-folder, e.g. as a sub-node of the root-section, and move any nodes which are no longer needed into this folder instead of deleting them. 
Note: In translation-mode the menu item "Delete" is replaced by "Delete Translation". Calling this function will just delete the translation of the node, but not the original node itself.