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If a file is uploaded which has a format different from the supported image formats (see Section, “Image-files”), then the file will be stored as an unparsed data file. Such files should only be uploaded to file-folders (see Section, “File-folder”). You can upload an image with the "Upload File" function available in the context menu (see Section, “File upload and download”). In contrast to image files, there are no restrictions on the filenames of unparsed data files.
A  data-file has the same properties than a content- or section-node (see Section, “Section-nodes”), e.g. it has a title, an alias name, an applicability expression, a workflow status and a progress value. The workflow status of a data-file can be manually set by the user to indicate whether work on the file is already finished. The progress value can be used to provide an estimation in percentage of how much of the work has already been done.