loading table of contents... Disabling and enabling products

An administrator can temporarily disable access to the content of a product. After a product has been disabled, the content of the product can no longer be viewed or edited by any user. Furthermore, the product is no longer visible by any non-administrator user (i.e. the product is no longer listed in the product listbox in the head-panel).
To disable a product, switch to the "Products" tab of the "Administration" workspace, select one or more products from the list and click the "Disable" button. A disabled product is marked with a icon.
It should be assured that no user is connected, before the product is disabled. To list all connected users, select the product and click the "Show connected users" button.
In principle disabling a product has the same effect as removing the "view content" and "edit content" rights for the product from all user groups. However, disabling a product is easier as it can be achieved by a single button-click.
A disabled product can be enabled again by selecting the product(s) from the list and clicking the "Enable" button.