loading table of contents... Editing a product

To change the settings of an existing product, select the product from the list and click the "Edit" button (alternatively, double-click the product in the list). This opens the product dialog as described in Section, “Creating a new product”. Change the settings and then click the "Okay" button to apply the changes.
For existing products it is possible to change the Product-ID and Product-Name. Furthermore, translation languages can be added and removed.
The storage type and original language of an existing product cannot be changed easily. The only way to switch the storage type and/or the original language is by copying the product and defining another storage type and/or original language in the destination product (see Section, “Copying a product”). If the copy operation has been successful, then the source product can be deleted (or renamed) and the Product-ID of the destination product can be renamed to the Product-ID of the source product.