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2.4.8. Exporting styles

You can transfer styles from one Docmenta product to another product, by exporting the styles from the source product and importing the styles in the destination product.
Proceed as follows to export inline- or block-styles:
  1. Select one or more styles from either the inline- or from the block-styles list.
  2. Click the "Export" button beside the styles list.
  3. You will be asked by the browser whether you want to download the file. Confirm the download and select the location within the file system where you want the downloaded file to be stored. Depending on whether you have downloaded inline- or block-styles, the file will be named "inlinestyles.css" or "blockstyles.css" by default.
The downloaded file contains the selected styles in CSS format as standardized by the W3 consortium. You can now import this file e.g. in another product or in another version of the same product.