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Find nodes by alias
Choose "Find by alias" from the toolbar menu to search a node with a given alias name. Proceed as follows:
  1. Choose the "Find by Alias" menu item from the toolbar menu (see Section 2.3.7, “Toolbar”). This opens the "Find Nodes" dialog (see screenshot below).
  2. Enter the alias name into the input field of the dialog and click the "Search" button. You can also enter only the first characters of an alias name and then use the * character as a placeholder for the remaining characters. For example, if you enter the search term "intro*", then this will find all nodes that have an alias name starting with "intro" (see screenshot below).
  3. The result of the search will be shown in the list below the input field. Double-click a node within the list to show the content of the node in the preview area of the workspace. 

Figure 2.3.28. Finding nodes by alias name

Find nodes referencing this
To get a list of all nodes that reference the selected node, choose "Find Nodes Referencing This" from the context menu. A dialog will be opened which lists the found nodes:

Figure 2.3.29. Finding nodes referencing the selected node

You can also enter an alias name in the input field above the result list and click the "Search" button, to find all nodes that have a reference to the node with this alias name.