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icon_customchar Insert custom character
Proceed as follows to insert a custom character:
  1. Place the cursor at the text position where the character shall be inserted.
  2. Click the "Insert custom character" icon_customchar button. A dialog pops up with a pick-list of all configured character entities.
  3. Click on the character to be inserted. This will close the dialog and the character will be inserted at the current cursor position.
The selected character will be inserted as a numeric character entity into the source, e.g. the copyright sign will be inserted as © (note: according to the unicode specification the code point 169 represents the copyright sign). An administrator can configure the list of custom characters that are presented in the pick-list. Please contact your administrator if a character shall be added to the pick-list.
For administrators: see Section 2.7.4, “Defining character entities” for information on how to configure character entities.