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Edit content
The "Edit content" menu item is only available for content-nodes. Calling this function will open the node's content in the content editor (see Section 2.3.8, “Editing content”).
Edit properties
To edit the properties of a node, call "Edit properties" from the context menu. For section-, content-, image- and file-nodes this will open the following dialog, which allows you to edit the title, alias name, applicability expression, workflow status and progress value of the node.

Figure 2.3.13. Edit section-, content- or file-properties

For inclusion-nodes this will open a dialog, which allows you to enter the alias name of the referenced target node. Furthermore a title and an applicability expression can be entered (see following screenshot).

Figure 2.3.14. Inclusion properties

For image- and file-folders a dialog for editing the folder-name is opened:

Figure 2.3.15. Edit folder name

For detailed information on the different node types see Section 2.3.3, “Node types”.
Add Sub-Node
If you have selected a section- or folder-node, then you can use the "Add Sub-Node" function to add a new child-node to the selected node. A dialog will then be opened which allows you to select the node type you want to create:

Figure 2.3.16. Node type selection dialog

Only the node types which are allowed to be added at the selected position will be shown. Select a node type and click the "Okay" button, or double-click one of the node types. Then the "Edit properties" dialog will be opened where you can enter the property values for the node to be created (see above). Click the "Okay" button to create the new child-node. The child-node will then be added after any already existing child-nodes.
Example 1:
If you have a section named "Reference Manual", then you can use the "Add Sub-Node" function to add a new sub-section with name "Installation instructions" as depicted in the following picture:

Figure 2.3.17. Adding a sub-node

Example 2:
You can use the "Add Sub-Node" function to add an image-folder named "Screenshots" as a sub-folder of the "Media" folder:

Figure 2.3.18. Adding a sub-folder

Insert before
Use the "Insert before" function to insert a new node at the position of the currently selected node. As for the "Add Sub-Node" function, this will open a dialog for selecting the node type and the "Edit properties" dialog (see above). The created node will then be inserted on the same tree-level between the selected node and any previous node.
In the following example a section with name "Download files" is inserted before the section "Extract installation files".

Figure 2.3.19. Insert node at selected position