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2.1.2. Download

Download the latest version of Docmenta from the Docmenta homepage: http://www.docmenta.org.
If needed you may also download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Apache Tomcat Web-Server from the following locations:
From the Docmenta homepage you can also download a bundled installation package that includes Docmenta and the Apache Tomcat Web-Server. Furthermore, if an internet connection is available during installation, the Docmenta Windows installer can automatically download and install the JRE for you. Though, if you need to install Docmenta offline or you want to install a specific version of the JRE then please use the download link above.
The Docmenta homepage provides three different installation packages. Following table describes the differences between the installation packages.
Docmenta war Package Use this package if you already have a Servlet Container up and running (i.e. you just need to deploy the war file). The package is platform independent.
Docmenta+Tomcat zip Package
This package contains Tomcat with the Docmenta war file already deployed. The package is platform independent (though the Java Runtime Environment must already be installed on your server system).
Docmenta+Tomcat Windows Installer This package works only for MS Windows operating systems. It installs Apache Tomcat with the Docmenta war file already deployed. This installer creates start menu entries for starting and stopping the Tomcat server. Additionally, the installer can automatically download and install the Java Runtime Environment if it's not already installed on your system.
The installation instructions for each of these packages are given in the next chapter.