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2.1.4. Setup

Before you can use Docmenta, you have to set up the application by opening the URL
in your web-browser, where <servername> is the domain name or IP address of your server and <port> is the port number which was configured during installation (the default port of the bundled Apache Tomcat web-server is 8080).
If the Docmenta server is installed locally, then the servername "localhost" or the IP address "" can be used to address the local machine. Furthermore, if the web-server is listening on port 80, then the port number can be omitted.
Use this URL if the web-server is installed locally and is listening on port 8080.
http://myserver/docmenta/setup Use this URL if the web-server is a remote machine with name "myserver" and is listening on port 80.
The following setup dialog will be shown:

Figure 2.1.3. Setup dialog

This dialog is for initializing Docmenta by setting the document-store directory and the administrator password.
The document-store directory is the location in the server-filesystem where Docmenta stores the application data, e.g. configuration settings, user preferences, and so on. Furthermore this directory is used as default location for storing the product data (content, styles, ...) and the exported publications.
Create a new directory and enter the path to this directory (e.g. "c:\work\docmenta_base") in the document-store directory field.
Furthermore, enter an administrator password and confirm the password by repeating the password in the second box. After setup this password can be used to log in as user "admin".
Finally, open the license agreement by clicking on the "View License Agreement" button and read the agreement carefully. If you accept all the terms and conditions of the license agreement, then check the "I accept the License Agreement" checkbox and click the "Save" button to finish the setup procedure. You will then be redirected to the login page.
The setup dialog can be used to initialize the application as long as no administrator password is set. As soon as an administrator password is set, the setup dialog is disabled. Nevertheless, for production use it is recommended to completely remove the setup folder from the Docmenta web-application directory. For the Apache Tomcat web-server, the setup folder is located in "<tomcat_install_dir>/webapps/docmenta/setup".