loading table of contents... Installing the Windows installer package

The Docmenta Windows installer provides an easy way to install the Apache Tomcat web-server and Docmenta in a MS Windows environment.
You need administrator rights, for installing the Windows installation package! Furthermore, after installation, the web-server needs write-access to files within the installation directory and the document-store directory (see application setup). Therefore, assure that the web-server is running as a user that has sufficient access-rights to these directories. For example, if the web-server has insufficient rights, this may lead to errors during file-upload.  
To install the package, double-click the .exe file. As a first step, the installer will try to detect whether a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed on the system or not. If no suitable JRE can be found, you will be asked whether a JRE shall automatically be downloaded and installed, or if you want to continue without JRE installation. For the automatic JRE download an internet connection is required. If you continue without JRE installation, you have to install the JRE later on manually.
As a next step the following installation dialog will be shown:

Figure 2.1.1. Installation screen: Destination folder

Select the destination folder where the Apache Tomcat web-server including Docmenta shall be installed and click the "Next" button. On the following screen enter the port number to be used by the web-server:

Figure 2.1.2. Installation screen: Port number

Be aware to not enter a port number which is already used by another server application. Finally, click "Install" to start the installation. After installation, start menu entries will be available for starting and stopping the Apache Tomcat web-server.
You can start Apache Tomcat as a standalone application by calling the start menu entry "Tomcat Standalone > Start Tomcat Server" or as a service as described below. After server startup, you are ready to set up Docmenta as described in Section 2.1.4, “Setup”.
Installing Apache Tomcat as a service
If you want to install Apache Tomcat as a service (i.e. if you want the web-server to be automatically started in the background on system start up), then click the start menu entry "Tomcat Service > Install Service" once. This will open a command line box showing service installation messages. After service installation has finished, close the command line box. You can then call the "Tomcat Service > Service Control" menu entry to open the Apache Tomcat service monitor. This application allows you to start and stop the Tomcat service as well as to configure start up parameters. See the Apache Tomcat documentation for more information (e.g. http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/windows-service-howto.html).