loading table of contents... Installing the Docmenta+Tomcat zip package

Extracting the zip package
The Docmenta+Tomcat zip package contains Apache Tomcat which has Docmenta already deployed as web-application. To install the package, just extract the zip file to an installation directory or your choice (e.g. "c:\program files"). The extraction will create a sub-folder named apache-tomcat-xxx (where xxx is the apache version number). In the following description this folder will be named <installdir>.
Installing the Java Runtime Environment
If a JRE is already installed on your computer, then you can skip this step and directly start up Tomcat as described below. Otherwise install the JRE according to the following instructions:
  1. Download the Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE), release version 5.0 or later, from http://www.java.com.
  2. Install the JRE according to the instructions included with the release.
  3. Set an environment variable named JRE_HOME to the pathname of the directory into which you installed the JRE, e.g. c:\jre5.0 or /usr/local/java/jre5.0.
You may also use the full JDK rather than just the JRE. In this case set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to the pathname of the directory into which you installed the JDK, e.g. c:\j2sdk5.0 or /usr/local/java/j2sdk5.0.
Start Up Tomcat
Tomcat can be started by executing the following commands:
<installdir>\bin\startup.sh (Unix)
After server startup, you are ready to set up Docmenta as described in Section 2.1.4, “Setup”.
Shut Down Tomcat
Tomcat can be shut down by executing the following command:
<installdir>\bin\shutdown.sh (Unix)