1.1.1. Products

The philosophy of Docmenta is to have a tool that enables users to create documentation for "products". For example, a company that is developing a product (e.g. software) most likely also has to create documentation for the product. When a new version of the product is released, also the documentation has to be updated to reflect the latest state of the product as depicted in the following illustration:

Figure 1.1.1. Product and Product Documentation

Therefore, the release- and versioning processes of the documentation have to follow those of the product. Besides many other features, Docmenta supports these kinds of release- and versioning processes. Of course, the documentation of a product could be considered part of the product itself. Yet, in the context of Docmenta, the term "product" only means the documentation. If you prefer, you could consider the documentation to be a product of its own (with its own release-lifecycle). When we want to emphasize, that only the documentation of a product is meant, the term "product documentation" will be used within this document.
Although Docmenta uses the word "product", Docmenta can be used to create any kinds of publications (e.g. specifications or other project documents).