1.1.3. Publications

Another term that is used in the context of Docmenta is "publication". A product represents the complete documentation of a product, whereas a publication is a specifc subset of the complete documentation. For example, you could have a reference manual for your product which describes the complete functionality. Additionally, you could provide a tutorial that just presents the main features in an easy to grasp way. In  Docmenta the product documentation would include both, the content of the reference manual and the content of the tutorial. You would then create two separate publications, e.g. one called "Reference Manual" and one called "Tutorial", out of the same product documentation (i.e. both publications reference different parts of the complete product documentation).

Figure 1.1.3. Publication configurations

Filtering of publications
A feature that is related to publications is the content filtering, which allows users to create specialized publications that are tailored to specific use cases or environments. For example, let's assume you want to create a "Reference Manual (Windows)" which is specific for the MS Windows operating system and a "Reference Manual (Unix/Linux)" which is specific for the Unix/Linux operating system. Both publications would mainly contain the same content, but would for example have different installation instructions which are tailored to the given operating system.

Figure 1.1.4. Content filtering

The content filtering is described in more detail in Chapter 1.10, Filtering content.