1.1.5. Translation Mode

Docmenta also supports the translation of the product documentation from the "original language" into one or more "translation languages". To achieve this, Docmenta has a translation-mode. In the translation-mode, the user can replace the original content (text, images) by the translated content. It is then possible to export a translated publication, which contains the translated content (if existent) instead of the original content. If a translation does not exist, then the original content is exported as fallback. Furthermore, for each version of the original documentation, a corresponding translated version is maintained by Docmenta, as shown in the following illustration:

Figure 1.1.6. Translating content

In the example shown in the illustration above, the version "2.0" of the translated documentation is in state "Pending", which means the translation cannot be started because the previous translated version is not yet released (version "1.1" of the translated documentation is in state "Draft", though version "1.1" of the original documentation is already released). Therefore, version "1.1" has to be released before version "2.0" can be translated. If you want to skip the translation of version "1.1" you can release version "1.1" and attach a comment that this version was not translated. Nevertheless, you cannot delete the translated version "1.1", because Docmenta always assures a one-to-one relation between original and translated versions.