Chapter 4.3. Plug-in API

The chapter Chapter 4.2, Creating a plug-in package describes the file-structure of a plug-in and how plug-ins can be used to add new HTML/JSP pages or Java libraries to the Docmenta web-application. For some requirements this may be sufficient.
However, usually you will have to interact with the existing Docmenta application. For example you will have to access data stored in a product or you will have to add a menu item to the user interface.
To achieve this, you have to write Java code that accesses the API of Docmenta. This chapter gives an overview of the Docmenta Plug-in API. More specific information is provided by the JavaDoc documentation of the Docmenta Plug-in API.
To be able to compile your Java code, you will need at least the following JAR library in the Java classpath of your development environment:
  • DocmentaPlugin.jar
You can find this library in the WEB-INF/lib folder of the Docmenta web-application.