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2.3.1. Product-tree

Selecting nodes
The authors create the product documentation by adding, editing and deleting nodes within the product-tree. You can select a node within the tree by clicking the node. This will select the node and deselect any previously selected node. If you want to select more than one node, you can add a node to the set of currently selected nodes, by pressing the Control-key while clicking the node:

Figure 2.3.2. Multiple selection by pressing the Ctrl-key

You can select a complete range of nodes, by selecting the first node of the range, pressing the Shift-key and then selecting the last node of the range:

Figure 2.3.3. Select range of nodes by pressing the Shift-key

Opening the context menu
After you have selected one or more nodes you can execute a function on the selected nodes by opening the context menu and choosing one of the displayed menu items. The context menu can be opened by right-clicking a node (i.e. clicking on the node with the right mouse button). This will select the node and open the context menu for this node:

Figure 2.3.4. Opening the context menu

If you have selected more than one node and want to execute the function on all selected nodes, then you have to keep the Control- or Shift-key pressed while right-clicking one of the selected nodes.

Figure 2.3.5. Context menu for multiple selected nodes

See the following chapters for detailed information on editing the product-tree.