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icon_nbsp Insert non-breaking-space
A non-breaking-space character (numeric entity  ) can easily be inserted by clicking on the "Insert non-breaking-space" icon_nbsp button. A non-breaking-space can be used for two purposes:
  1. Place a non-breaking-space character between two words, to avoid a line-break between the two words.
  2. A sequence of "normal" space characters will be replaced by a single space character in the exported publication. To add additional space, a sequence of non-breaking-space characters can be used instead of "normal" space characters.
icon_controlchars Visual control characters
Click the "Visual control characters" button to turn the visual control characters mode on/off. When the mode is turned on, the "Visual control characters" button is highlighted. When the mode is turned on, all non-breaking-space characters in the content are indicated by a gray background color.
Note: Any non-breaking-space characters that are inserted after the mode was turned on will not be highlighted. Turn the mode off and on again, to highlight newly inserted non-breaking-space characters.