loading table of contents... Hard page breaks
A hard page break always forces a page break at that point (compare with soft page breaks below).You can insert a hard page break before or after a paragraph or table, by adding one of the following the style properties:
Style property
page-break-before:always; Insert a hard page break before a paragraph or table.
page-break-after:always; Insert a hard page break after a paragraph or table.
To insert a page break before a paragraph, position the cursor within the paragraph (but outside of any inline style) and click the "Insert / edit attributes" button (). This will open following dialog, where you can enter the page break property into the style input field:

Figure 2.3.71. Inserting a hard page break before a paragraph

It is discouraged to use hard page breaks, because the next time you edit your documentation and export the publication you may find that your hard page break is positioned higher up or lower down on the page. This will most likely lead to inappropriate page breaks. Instead of hard page you may consider using soft page breaks, which are described below.