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A soft page break is a conditional page break that will be inserted if there is not sufficient space left on the current page. For example, a soft page break could state: "I need at least 2 vertical inches left on the current page. If that much space is not available, then break to the next page. Otherwise do not break."
Soft page breaks can only be inserted before a paragraph or table. You insert a soft page break by adding the property "page-break-condition:value;" to the style value of the paragraph or table, where value is the minimal amount of vertical space needed (so that a page break is prevented). For example, if you add the property "page-break-condition:50pt;" to the style value of a paragraph (see following screenshot), then the paragraph will break to the next page if less then 50 points vertical space is left measured from the beginning of the paragraph to the end of the page.

Figure 2.3.72. Inserting a soft page break before a paragraph