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After installation of Docmenta, two pre-defined rules exist, namely, "base" and "quicklinks":

Figure 2.7.32. Pre-defined rules

Base Rule
The base rule consists of several checks, which assure the minimum level of consistency required for avoiding errors during publication export. The checks are described in Table 2.7.1, “Base checks”:
Table 2.7.1. Base checks
Check IDDescription
attribute_required Logs, corrects or removes elements with missing attributes.
broken_inline_inclusion Logs broken inline inclusions.
broken_link Logs broken links.
content_required Logs or removes empty elements, for example empty paragraphs (<p></p>).
image_src Logs image elements with invalid src attribute.
invalid_style Logs usage of non-existing style identifiers in the class attribute of elements.
target_type Logs links with wrong target type, for example a file-link to a non-file node.
trim_empty_paras Logs or removes empty paragraphs at the end of content nodes.
trim_figure_spaces Logs or removes whitespace around figures.
For details on the checks see the online help provided in the configuration dialog (Section, “Editing the rule configuration”).
Quick-Links Rule
The quicklinks rule consists of just one check, which transforms quick-links to regular XHTML links (see Section, “Quick-Links”). In the default configuration, this check is only executed when a user saves the content in the content-editor. Executing the quicklinks check as part of a consistency-check is normally not required, as quick-links transformation is a pure editing functionality.