3.4.3. Referencing Files

In Docmenta a reference to a file-node has to be defined slightly different, than a reference to section- or content-node. In case of a file-node reference, the href attribute value has to start with "file/" followed by the alias of the file-node. Following an example of a link to a file-node with alias user_requirements. The link text is "Requirements Document":
<a href="file/user_requirements" >Requirements Document</a>
Note that references to files are mainly useful for interactive output formats like WebHelp. For HTML-based output the referenced files are exported to a sub-folder named "files". Clicking on a file reference opens the file in the same or a new window, depending on the HTML output configuration (see the "File/external link target window" setting in Section, “HTML output settings”). Be aware that for print output the link text of a file reference might just be rendered as plain text.
If the referenced node is an image, then the URL can start with "image/" instead of "file/". Following an example of a link to an image with alias summer_day:
<a href="image/summer_day" >Sunny day</a>
On export of a publication all referenced images are exported to a sub-folder named "images".