Conditional Page Breaks

A conditional page-break is a page-break that is inserted only if the remaining space on the page is less than a given value. A conditional page break has to be defined for the element before which the page break shall be inserted. To insert a conditional page-break, add the value "page-break-condition:space" to the style attribute of the element, where space is the minimum required space.
For example, given a list that has a height of less than 5cm. To avoid a page-break within the list, following page break condition could be used:
<ul style="page-break-condition:5cm;">
Given this example, if the remaining space on the page is less than 5cm, then a page break is inserted before the list. This way, a page break within the list is avoided as long as the height of the list is less than 5cm. If the list is larger than 5cm, then it is assured that the page break is not inserted at the very beginning of the list, because at least 5cm of remaining space exist.