Chapter 4.1. Introduction

All plug-ins have to deployed as a plug-in package. This is is a zip archive that follows a defined file-structure. The chapter Chapter 4.2, Creating a plug-in package describes how to create a plug-in package. This is the common basis for all types of Docmenta plug-ins.
Docmenta can be extended by plug-ins in several ways. Following table summarizes the different possibilities:
Plug-in typeDescription
General Plug-in
Through the Plug-in API new functionality can be added. This includes:
  • extending the user-interface of Docmenta, for example, add:
    • menu items
    • dialogs
    • tabs.
  • adding new libraries and web-pages.
See Chapter 4.3, Plug-in API for details.
Editor/Viewer Plug-in
A special type of plug-in, which allows to add a new
  • XHTML content-editor.
  • file editor/viewer for a given file extension (e.g. a SVG image editor).
Rule Plug-in
A rule plug-in can be used to:
  • give errors/warnings about invalid or non-conforming XHTML code.
  • convert the XHTML source to assure it conforms to user-defined guidelines.
  • beautify the XHTML code.
AutoFormat Plug-in
An AutoFormat plug-in enables a user to add user-defined content transformations, which are applied during export of publications. See Chapter 4.6, AutoFormat plug-ins for details.
Output Plug-in Add new output formats. See Chapter 4.7, Output plug-ins for details.
Stylesheet Extensions The PDF and DocBook generation can be adapted by adding custom XSL stylesheets. The details are given in Chapter 4.8, PDF stylesheet customization.
If you need to create a plug-in that requires access to the Docmenta plug-in API, you will find this information in the chapter Chapter 4.3, Plug-in API. Information that applies to a specific type of plug-in, is given in the remaining sub-sections as noted in the table above.
Furthermore, Docmenta provides a possibility to influence the PDF generation by providing custom XSL stylesheets. This can be used in case the existing PDF output options are not sufficient. The details are given in Chapter 4.8, PDF stylesheet customization.