4.5.2. getLongInfo

The getLongInfo method has to return a human-readable description of the HTML rule. This should be a complete usage reference, including a description of all arguments (if any). The usage reference is displayed as online help in the user-interface. To improve readability, the returned text is allowed to include basic XHTML markup. However, only following XHTML elements should be used: b, i, tt, big, small, sup, sub, em, strong, samp, kbd, code, var, cite, dfn, abbr, acronym, span, br, p, div, pre, blockquote, dl, dt, dd, ol, ul, li, table, tr, td, th, col, colgroup, tbody, thead, tfoot. Be aware that other tags may be removed for display in the user interface.
In our example we load the usage reference as localized string. Therefore the implementation is as follows:
public String getLongInfo(String languageCode)
    return label(languageCode, "longInfo");
This implementation calls the label method that we have already used in the getShortInfo method. See Section 4.5.11, “The complete example” for an example of the XML properties file that contains the localized strings.