4.5.6. getDefaultLogLevel

The getDefaultLogLevel method indicates the default log level for the check identified by the checkId parameter. In our example, if content exceeds the maximum length, a warning shall be logged. If the content contains empty spans (and auto-correction is turned off), an error shall be logged. Therefore, the implementation of this method can be as follows:
public LogLevel getDefaultLogLevel(String checkId)
    return checkId.equals(CHECK_LENGTH) ? LogLevel.WARNING : LogLevel.ERROR;
Note that the user has the possibility to configure a different log level than the default level. However, the default level is used, if no other level has been defined by the user. You could also think of the default log level as the recommended log level. Be aware that if XHTML content is opened in the content editor and the user tries to save the content, then the save operation fails if one of  
the executed checks logs an error message.