4.8.3. Creating the stylesheet plug-in

To add the XSL files of the example described in the previous sections, a plug-in package has to be created. The general steps to create a plug-in package are described in Chapter 4.2, Creating a plug-in package. Following figure shows the directory structure of our example plug-in:

Figure 4.8.2. Plug-in package (aside example)

The package installs the XSL files html2db_print-aside.xsl and custom_print-aside.xsl into the docma folder of the Docmenta web-application. Following an example of the plugin.properties file:

id = aside_example
version = 1.0
required_app_version = 1.9
load_type = next_startup

Listing 4.8.3. plugin.properties (aside example)

The plug-in's locale.properties file just contains the localized plug-in description:

aside_example.description = Add support for side float
aside_example.help_url =

Listing 4.8.4. locale.properties (aside example)

The help_url property is left empty, because we do not provide any online-help for the plug-in.