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Chapter 2.6. Publishing workspace

The publishing workspace contains three sub-panels which can be selected by the tabs on the left side (see screenshot below).

Figure 2.6.1. Publishing workspace

Following table briefly describes the functionality of the three sub-panels. 
Configuration In the "Configuration" panel users can manage publication- and output-configurations. For details see Section 2.6.1, “Publication configuration” and Section 2.6.2, “Output configuration”
Applicabilities In the "Applicabilities" panel users have the possibility to define applicability flags. The applicability flags can then be used within applicability filter expressions. For details see Section 2.6.4, “Applicability configuration”
Export The "Export" panel lists all exported publications for the currently opened product version and selected language. Furthermore a user can start a new publication export. For details see Section 2.6.3, “Publication export”.