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2.8.1. org.docma.plugin.examples.ApplyTemplate

The alias name of the template node.
The content-node given by alias name ALIAS is used as a template. The transformation replaces the input-element by the content of the template, where the substring "$content" within the template is replaced by the inner content of the input-element and the substring "$title" is replaced by the value of the input-element's title attribute. If the input-element does not have a title attribute, then the substring "$title" is replaced by the empty string.
Note: If the template contains inline-inclusions (i.e. [#alias] or [##alias]), then these are resolved before the substrings "$content" and "$title" are replaced.
Given a style with ID notebox, that has following Auto-Format configuration:
    org.docma.plugin.examples.ApplyTemplate notebox_template 
If the content-node with alias name "notebox_template" has following content:
  <tr><td>Note: $title</td></tr>
then the XHTML content
<div class="notebox" title="Some title">
 The content of the block.
is rendered as
  <tr><td>Note: Some title</td></tr>
  <tr><td>The content of the block.</td></tr>