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Part 2. User Manual

Table of Contents

2.1. Installation
2.1.1. Requirements
2.1.2. Download
2.1.3. Package installation Installing the war package Installing the Docmenta+Tomcat zip package Installing the Windows installer package Upgrading
2.1.4. Setup
2.2. Main window
2.3. Content workspace
2.3.1. Product-tree
2.3.2. Root folders
2.3.3. Node types Section-nodes Content-nodes Image-files Data-file Inclusion-nodes Image-folder File-folder
2.3.4. Context menu Inserting and editing nodes Cut, copy, paste and delete Preview PDF File upload and download Revision history Searching and replacing text Finding nodes Consistency-Check
2.3.5. Translating nodes
2.3.6. Gentext configuration
2.3.7. Toolbar
2.3.8. Editing content Basic editing Applying styles Aligning paragraphs Indenting paragraphs Lists Tables Images Links Quick-Links Anchors Special characters Templates Editing the HTML source Controlling page breaks
2.4. Styles workspace
2.4.1. Inline- and block styles
2.4.2. Pre-defined styles
2.4.3. Creating a user-defined style
2.4.4. Editing styles
2.4.5. Deleting styles
2.4.6. Using style variants
2.4.7. Creating a style variant
2.4.8. Exporting styles
2.4.9. Importing styles
2.5. Versioning workspace
2.5.1. Versioning concept
2.5.2. Creating a new version
2.5.3. Releasing a version
2.5.4. Unreleasing a version
2.5.5. Renaming a version
2.5.6. Deleting a version
2.5.7. Clear revisions
2.5.8. Show connected users
2.6. Publishing workspace
2.6.1. Publication configuration Creating a publication configuration Editing a publication configuration Deleting a publication configuration Copying a publication configuration
2.6.2. Output configuration Editing an output configuration Creating an output configuration Deleting an output configuration Copying an output configuration
2.6.3. Publication export Starting a new export The export queue Editing an export Deleting an export
2.6.4. Applicability configuration
2.7. Administration workspace
2.7.1. Managing products Storage types Creating a new product Adding a product Editing a product Deleting a product Copying a product Disabling and enabling products
2.7.2. Managing users Creating new users Editing the user profile Deleting users
2.7.3. Managing user groups User groups Access rights Members
2.7.4. Defining character entities
2.7.5. Installing Plug-ins
2.7.6. Rule configuration Pre-defined rules Editing the rule configuration Adding new rules
2.7.7. Auto-Format class registration
2.7.8. Application settings
2.8. Auto-Format Class Reference
2.8.1. org.docma.plugin.examples.ApplyTemplate
2.8.2. org.docma.plugin.examples.FormatLines
2.8.3. org.docma.plugin.examples.RegExpHighlight
2.8.4. org.docma.plugin.examples.XSLTAutoFormat