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2.7.6. Rule configuration

Content rules can provide one or both of following functionalities:
  • Check whether the XHTML stored in content-nodes is conforming to user-defined rules.
  • Automatically update the XHTML in content-nodes according to user-defined rules.
A content rule is applied to a content-node in following situations:
  • The user saves the content-node using the content-editor.
  • The user calls menu item "Consistency-Check" from the node's context menu.
A rule consists of one or more checks. For each check, the rule configuration allows to define whether the check is executed on "Consistency-Check" or on "Save" or in both situations. Furthermore, each check allows to define a severity, which can be either "Error", "Warning" or "Info". Be aware that if a check logs an error and the check is executed on save, then saving fails with a corresponding error message.
Docmenta has a set of pre-defined rules already included. If these rules are not sufficient, the Plug-in API allows to extend Docmenta by user-specific rules. See Chapter 4.5, Rule plug-ins for more information on creating rule plug-ins.