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A section-node is indicated by the section_icon icon next to the section title. If the section is the root of a publication configuration, then the icon changes to . When a new product is created, then the content tree contains a top-level section which is the root of the complete product documentation (see callout_1 in Figure 2.3.6, “Root nodes in the content workspace”).
A section-node can itself contain child nodes of any of the following types:
  • Section-node
  • Content-node
  • Inclusion-node (Section-, Image- or Content-inclusion)
  • Folder-node (image- or file-folder) 
The order of the nodes is arbitrary, except that a section-node can only be followed by another section-node or a section-inclusion or a folder-node. In other words: content-nodes, content-inclusions and file-nodes cannot be inserted after a section-node.
The properties of a node can be edited with the section-properties dialog:

Figure 2.3.7. Section properties dialog

See Section, “Inserting and editing nodes” for a description of how to insert and edit nodes.