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Docmenta is a multi-user application, that means several users can start an export at the same time. However, because there only limited resources available on server-side, only a limited number of exports is actually executed in parallel. If more exports are started than can be processed in parallel, the remaining exports are put in a queue. To watch the current status of the export queue, click the "Show queue" button next to the export list. This will open following dialog:

Figure 2.6.22. The export queue dialog

The dialog shows a list with all running and queued exports. This also contains any exports that were started by other users. The list is automatically refreshed every few seconds. For example, when an export has been finished, the corresponding entry is automatically removed from the list.
You can cancel a queued export by selecting the export from the list and clicking the "Cancel Export" button. However, normal users are only allowed to cancel exports that were started by themselves. Only administrators are allowed to cancel exports of other users. Please note, that as soon as an export is running, it might no longer be possible to cancel the export.
To close the dialog, click the "Close" button.