loading table of contents... Starting a new export

Switch to the "Export" tab of the Publishing workspace (see screenshot below). The tab shows a list of all exported publications for the currently opened product version and the currently selected language.
Note: If you want to see the exported publications for one of the translation languages, then select the language from the language listbox in the head part of the main window. 
Click the "New Export" button, to start a new publication export:

Figure 2.6.17. Creating a new publication export

The following publication export dialog will be opened which allows you to enter the export settings:

Figure 2.6.18. Start export dialog

After adjusting the export settings (see below for details), click the "Start Export" button. The export will be started and added to the exported publications list. As long as the export is running, the "Export Files" column will show the text "Please wait...".

Figure 2.6.19. Running export

Depending on the size of the publication, the export can take some time. Because the export is executed completely on the server side, you could log out and later on log in again to see if the export is already finished.
When the export finished successfully, two download links, one for the exported publication file and one for the export log, will be shown:

Figure 2.6.20. Export process finished

Furthermore, in the "Online" column a checkbox will be displayed. Check this box, to copy the exported publication to the online directory.

Figure 2.6.21. Copy exported publication to online directory

Uncheck this checkbox to remove the exported publication from the online directory. The online directory can be configured in the administration area of Docmenta (see Section 2.7.8, “Application settings”).
If the export failed, then only an error log will be available for download. 
Note: All existing and running exports can be seen by all users which have sufficient rights to open the publishing workspace.
Following a description of the settings requested in the publication export dialog:
Select the publication configuration for which an export shall be started. See Section 2.6.1, “Publication configuration” for information on how to create a publication configuration.
Output Configuration
Select the output configuration that shall be used for this export. See Section 2.6.2, “Output configuration” for information on how to create an output configuration.
Select the content language. Select one of the existing translation languages if you want to export a translated publication.
Publication filename
Enter a filename for the exported publication. The system will propose a filename according to the following filename structure:
If the publication is still in draft state, then the text "Draft" will be appended to the Version-ID. You are free to change the proposed filename according to your needs (except the file extension has to stay the same).
Note: If the output format is HTML, then a ZIP compressed archive is exported (i.e. the file extension has to be ".zip").