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In case of filesystem-storage, every content-node is stored as a single file in the product directory. When the user updates the product documentation, Docmenta updates the files in the product directory accordingly:

Figure 2.7.1. Filesystem storage

The path to the product directory needs to be defined as part of the product configuration. Following the filesystem-structure that Docmenta creates to store the content of a product:

Figure 2.7.2. Directory structure of filesystem-storage

Each version of a product is stored in a separate sub-directory within the product directory. For each version, a file "index.xml" exists that stores the product tree. The version directory contains several sub-directories: The directory "content" contains the content-nodes of the original language. The directory "translations" contains the content-nodes of the translation language(s). The directory "publications" contains the publication-files that are stored in the publication archive of this product version.
Note that a product can also be stored outside of the docstores directory. Such a user-defined product path can be set in the product-configuration. In this case the product directory within the docstores directory just contains a file named "storepath.properties" which contains the actual location of the product directory.